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用於非接觸式溫度測量的Thermopile Sensor

Thermopile Sensor是用於非接觸式溫度測量的Thermopile Sensor。熱電堆在許多應用中主要用於非接觸式溫度測量。 它們的功能是將物體發出的熱輻射轉換成電壓輸出。 主要應用包括微波爐,幹衣機,自動烹飪,耳部和額頭體溫計等醫療設備,汽車氣候控制,座椅佔用,黑冰檢測等汽車應用,印表機,影印機,移動電話等消費類產品 以及許多行業應用,例如塑膠零件。

A thermopile sensor is a type of thermal sensor that generates an electrical voltage in response to a temperature difference or gradient. It consists of multiple thermocouples connected in series or parallel. A thermocouple is a device that produces a voltage when there is a temperature difference between its two junctions.
Here is a brief English introduction to thermopile sensors:
Principle of Operation:
A thermopile sensor operates based on the Seebeck effect, which is the phenomenon where a voltage is produced across a circuit made of two dissimilar conductors when there is a temperature difference between the junctions. In a thermopile, multiple thermocouples are arranged to enhance the overall sensitivity to temperature variations.
A typical thermopile sensor consists of several thermocouples made of different materials, such as bismuth and antimony. These thermocouples are often connected in series or parallel to increase the overall voltage output.
Application Areas:
Thermopile sensors find applications in various fields, including but not limited to:
Infrared Thermometry: They are commonly used in non-contact infrared thermometers to measure surface temperatures of objects.
Gas Detection: Thermopile sensors can be employed in gas detectors for sensing temperature changes caused by chemical reactions.
Thermal Imaging Devices: Infrared cameras and thermal imaging devices utilize thermopile sensors to detect and visualize temperature variations in a given scene.
Energy Harvesting: Thermopile arrays can be used to generate electrical power from temperature differences in the environment, contributing to energy harvesting applications.
Occupancy Detection: They are used in occupancy sensors to detect the presence of people by sensing their body heat.
Non-Contact Sensing: Thermopile sensors can measure temperature without direct contact with the object, making them suitable for various applications.
Wide Temperature Range: They can operate over a wide temperature range, making them versatile for different environments.
Compact Size: Thermopile sensors are often compact and can be integrated into small devices.