We have strong R&D and marketing teams, integrating fields of PIR sensor, electronics, machinery, software, optical applications, etc. We insist on high quality and quick delivery.
Electronic Parts:
(1) PIR Sensor
(2) PIR module
(3) Thermopile Sensor
(4) PIR control IC
(5) Switch & Jack
Optical Products:
(1) Fresnel Lens
(2) Blue Glass
(3) Si Chip, Ge Chip, Optical Glass
(4) Optical Lens
(5) CdS
(6) Phototransistor
(7) IR Cut Filter (ICR)
Hardware Products:
OEM / ODM for various types of precision hardware, case machinery, machine components, oven related peripheral parts, heat sink. Manufacture/Delivery in Taiwan and China.Our products are applied to consumer products, 3C appliances, power appliances, CCTV & security, electronic measuring instruments, medical equipment, lighting products, etc.
Product information